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For Restaurants

Restaurant Laundry ServiceWhether you are running a large restaurant chain or a small local cafe, our restaurant laundry service will help you keep a plentiful supply of clean table linen, tea towels and chef’s uniforms.

Clean linens and uniforms should be a top priority for any restaurant. In the food industry it’s not just the quality for your food that counts. Nothing says more about the quality and standard of your restaurant than your table linen. However, keeping your table linens constantly clean can be a costly job. Laundry costs, energy consumption, detergent and man power all adds up. Outsourcing your restaurant laundry you will allow you to focus more on running your restaurant and less on loading the washer!

Orchid provide a complete table linen laundry service, that caters for all sizes, shapes and colours. We wash and press your linen and return it to you in size and colour order.