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Autumn Laundry Tips

With the last of the summer behind us, it’s time to start switching things up in your wardrobe and swapping vest tops for woolly jumpers! The autumn chill is starting to creep in as the days get shorter, so it’s a good time to make sure your wardrobe is winter-ready.Laundry Tips

  • To remove that musty smell that clothes can get when they come out of summer storage, wash them at the highest temperature you can, adding in a cup of white vinegar to the machine drum for each load. This will help kill off any spores and remove the musty scent.
  • When you pack away your summer clothes, avoid the musty smell by storing garments in vacuum pack bags.
  • Make sure you’ve got your hats, scarves and gloves out and ready for that first cold snap. These will probably need to be hand washed or done on a delicates cycle. Most knits will need air-drying rather than tumble drying but be sure to check the label. For those silk scarves it’s best to take them to be dry cleaned.
  • And while we’re on the subject of knitwear… don’t forget that woolly jumpers, cardigans and other knitted garments are also usually best treated with care as high temperatures can damage woollens. Hand washing or the delicates cycle are your friends again here, and again you probably don’t want to tumble dry. Instead, dry knitwear flat to avoid and stretching!
  • If your woollies have gone bobbly, use a single blade razor to carefully take away the bobbles.
  • Brush coats with a lint brush to remove surface dirt.
  • Hang coats on a sturdy chunky hanger, with buttons fastened, to help keep their shape. Try to keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.


And finally…

When you but your summer clothes away for the winter season, make sure you check for moths in your wardrobes, drawers and storage areas. Ensure your dark corners and backs of drawers are larvae-free by vacuuming and washing out the furniture if required. The pop some anti-moth sachets in those dark places and keep an eye over the winter months. If you think moths have been on your winter clothes, kill any larvae that might be left on them by washing at the highest temperature you can. For hand wash items, but them in a plastic bag and freeze for a day instead!