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Dry Cleaning

Are you looking for dry cleaning in Wrexham or the surrounding area?

Professional dry cleaning involves many different operations, designed to give your garments a fresh, clean appearance. Our staff are trained to the highest standards and have many years of experience. They are properly able to identify, clean and/or finish all garments, and to exercise a number of special procedures when handling your items. For every day, designer and evening wear, we offer a service that is second to none!

We inspect every garment before dry cleaning, and try to remove both general staining as well as more complicated stains and marks. There are very few fabrics or trimmings we cannot deal with. Every item that you entrust to our care is treated as if it were our own, carefully handled and expertly finished. Our aim is to provide a professional and personal service that you will be 100% satisfied with.

Dry Cleaning in Wrexham

Get in touch with us today or pop in to see us on the Wrexham Industrial Estate! We are easy to find on the edge of the Estate, close to the main A534.

Dry Cleaning in the Surrounding Areas

We have a number of agents in the Wrexham area and beyond, so if you can’t get over to our main building you can simply drop your dry cleaning with one of them. With regular pick-ups and drop-offs it’s even easier than you think!

Click here to find a list of our Orchid Agents.